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Become An Entrepreneur

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Become An Entrepreneur

The World of Concrete Levelling with GeoFoam?

No Franchises Fees

There are no franchise fees or monthly royalties

No Limit To Your Success

There are no territory restrictions. Earn as much as you like. Work part-time or full-time

Training and Support

We provide training and business support services

First Class Products

Proven Products Throughout North America

Track Record of Success

The concrete levelling industry is a rapidly growing industry

No Money Down

No money down with lots of benefits and upside for the right person!

Become An Operator

The concrete levelling industry is a great business. It is a rapidly growing industry as a result of the use of polyurethane foam. Instead of replacing concrete, consumers and businesses are lifting and levelling uneven concrete. We are looking to supply entrepreneurs with the best products and services to full fill the market demand for this service. 
If you are an entrepreneur looking to own your own business, consider the benefits of teaming up with us:● You own your own business and reap the rewards that come from being responsible for your success. With Geo’s unique approach to training and support, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Using all of the latest industry techniques, the best equipment and products available to the industry makes your success just around the corner.• There are no territories or restrictions. This will be your 100% your business with no limitations.• The enjoyment that comes from working with people from your crew to your customers and community.• Setting your hours and days you want to work

Why GeoFoam Systems & Supplies? 

Simply put, we are here to help you succeed. Your success starts with world-class training and support. Your business is built on the premise that GeoFoam Systems & Supplies can only be as successful as our owner/operators. You are in control of your future, there are no franchise fees or controls to hold you back. If you see an opportunity, take it.

We provide support from training to marketing and everything in-between. Geo has all the latest quality products and techniques, setting you apart from your competition.

There are unlimited growth opportunities within the industry. Unlike a franchise, there are no territory restrictions or annual revenue requirements. This has all the benefits of a franchise without all the fees and operating restrictions. 

Training & Support  

We believe our training program is the best in the industry. We provide:

• Crew shadowing
• Owner Operator Development
• Business Management
• Proven Marketing Strategies
• Residential and Commercial support
• Equipment support 


“How Much” is often the 1st two words to many of the questions we receive.

  • "How much" money do I need to get started? 

    GeoFoam Systems & Supplies has made this easier than ever. If your credit is on the “good side” of normal, you can be well set up and operational with as little as zero down!

  • "How much" money can I make? 

    That will be up to you, there literally is no limit to the amount you can make. Geo has customers that have one unit where the owner works weekends to make enough money to go away for the winter, to customers that have multiple units and several employees and is running a multi-million dollar business.

  • "How much" are my monthly fees? 

    This is an easy one, Zero. 

  • "How much" does training and support cost? 

    Again Zero, provided you are purchasing your products from GeoFoam Systems & Supplies.

  • “How much” staff do I need?  

    This is entirely up to you, you can operate on your own with no help while you grow your business or you can have have several employees to help with your success.

  • "How much" time does it take to get started

    You can be up and running in your own business in as little as 30 days.

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